Dear Not-Forgotten Girl,

When things happen that really hurt or devastate . . . we must not ignore the pain . . . we must sit with it, feel it, and validate it. We must make it a cup of tea and have a chat with it . . . we must let it have its time to feel the way it feels. We must never stuff it down, down, down, as if it is something to be ashamed of and never to be seen . . . but, we must invite that pain . . . because it only stays as long as is needed, once it is allowed to be there. It wants to feel better
. . . but, it wants to be heard first.

This kind of pain is a messenger. Don’t shoot the messenger. This kind of pain is there to remind us, to tell us, to proclaim to us, to teach us that something must be dealt with.

This pain that comes after and during difficult experiences helps us remember that there is something precious that must be taken care of . . . whether it is our own heart, or a situation, or a physical ailment. This kind of pain is there to help us.

Don’t be afraid to hear it, dear girl. Don’t be afraid to sit down with it and be with it . . . to listen to it. Your body is so very wise . . . so very helpful . . . it has so many messages when we slow down to listen to it.

It is going to be okay, you are going to be okay. Listen, listen, listen.

Please take very good care of YOU, because you are so very, very, very loved.