Dear Kind Soul,

We’ve all been the person who is sitting alone.

Sometimes it’s because we want to be alone . . . but sometimes we want more than anything to be sitting with others. It’s like this for just about everyone. So many of us are wandering around feeling exactly the same way. Let’s look up and see each other.

Something that can make an ordinary day into a miraculous day is to look around and find others who may be feeling lost, scared or just lonely. Simply invite them to sit with us, literally and figuratively. We can always make room for others, even online. We can look out for others in passing and just make eye contact and smile. That’s a way of saying, “I see you, you matter, and you can sit with me if you need a place to sit.”

In a world where there is so much division and fear, we can be someone who gathers other souls in and gathers everyone together, no matter what our differences are. It is especially important to look out for those who are feeling vulnerable, afraid, and uncertain right now . . . to gather them in and make sure they know that there will always be a place for them around the fire, at the table, and in our community and world.

You are a beautiful human being with a beautiful heart and so much bravery . . . now is the time to show up in kindness in little and big ways.

You are so very loved,