Dear Breaking Open Soul,

Sometimes it feels like everything is shattering to pieces. As frightening and as painful as it is, there is no reason to be afraid. There is every reason to show up for it.

Life has a way of helping us to the next stage of our becoming. Becoming? Becoming? How could becoming feel so much like destruction? It seems as though something so wonderful should feel good, pleasant, and exciting . . . but breaking open is hard work and requires so much courage.

We need to be broken open for the light to get in and for the outdated, destructive, and useless to go. When a better way is coming, it often requires our soul to break open to be able to absorb the new learning, the things that need taking care of, and to make way for our souls to grow into who they are meant to become . . . for everyone alive to be able to become who they are meant to become.

We are all breaking open right now, tired friend. It is not easy. We are all trying to figure out the best way to do it and the best way to help each other through. Just know that when we break open, we will always heal back . . . we will always be whole again. That is how we were made.

These are not easy times, fellow soul. It’s so important that we take good care of ourselves so that we can do the equally important work of looking out for each other. We are all souls . . . and we are meant to be together soul-to-soul. Breaking open is hard, but it is easier when we allow ourselves to break open beside each other without judgment . . . and decide that when we heal, we are going to heal back together. No one will be left behind. Then we are going to be together healed and together broken . . . we will know that we can make it through hard things together.

Stay with it . . . we are going to figure this out.

You are so very loved.