Dear Amazing Girl,

Sometimes things happen in life and we find ourselves hurting for years, and years, and years after. Our experiences have so much impact on us . . . and sometimes the impact runs deeper than we realize.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful friend . . . please understand that the things which have happened in your life do not have the power to hurt you anymore. This is such a hard truth to grasp sometimes. You see, friend . . . it is not the experience that is still hurting us . . . but the stories we continue to tell ourselves about the experience that continue to hurt us.

No matter what happened in your life . . . you never deserved to be hurt. You never deserved to lose anything. You never deserved to be treated badly. You never deserved to get sick. You are a beautiful soul who lived through the experience of being hurt or losing something. You are a beautiful soul who lived through the experience of being treated badly or who got sick. You entered into that experience as a beautiful soul, and you exited that experience as a beautiful soul . . . and you gained wisdom through that experience. You are a beautiful soul living through experiences . . . and that is what life is all about.

When we lose people or things, it is natural to grieve over those things. But, if you are still hurting over an old experience because you are beating yourself up over why it happened or why it didn’t happen . . . if you are believing that this experience means you are not as good or as important as others . . . if you are believing an old experience has created a situation that prohibits you from ever being able to change or to be happy again . . . these are beliefs you must change, dear sister.

It is so good and wise to take our experiences and extract the helpful wisdom from them . . . extract the useful lessons . . . and then let the rest go. WE ALL LIVE THROUGH ALL SORTS OF EXPERIENCES . . . and many of them are difficult. When things go wrong . . . it doesn’t mean that we are all wrong as human beings. When we have bad experiences, it doesn’t mean that we are bad.

You are a beautiful soul. You always have been and you always will be. Please believe it.

You are so very loved.