Dear Renewing Girl,

When things that used to be so colorful start seeming colorless, when you don’t seem to have time for the things that used to bring you so much joy, and when you want to climb under your covers even when your favorite people are around . . . it’s time.

Time for what, you say, dear friend? Well, it’s time to remember.

It’s time to remember the last time you felt life was colorful.

It’s time to remember the last time you broke out in crazy dance moves in your kitchen. It’s time to remember the last time you turned the music up full blast in your car and sang as loudly as you could because you could feel it all the way in your bones. It’s time to remember what it feels like when you really look someone you love in the eye and see all the way in. It is time.

Understand, dear girl, that it is easy to forget. It’s easy to forget that life is supposed to feel good.

Life is supposed to be full of delightful little moments that are filled with color and twinkling joy. It’s easy to forget that once you knew exactly how to be you.

All that you have to do is remember what it felt like and then remember how to do it. Most importantly, remember TO DO IT . . . no matter what it takes.

You are worth it. You are meant for joy. Step into it instead of away from it.

You are so very, very loved.