Dear Sometimes-Stubborn Soul,

There are a few words in our language that carry so much punch, so much power, so much meaning, and so much magic, that just pondering them can change the course of our lives. One of those words is MAYBE.

Sometimes we are so certain we are right, we are willing to sacrifice relationships that are important to us to prove or just stand by our position. A good thing to try is to think of all the reasons we love someone we disagree with and then start thinking . . . MAYBE.

Maybe there are things I don’t know for sure.
Maybe I am assuming things about them.
Maybe their life experience has been different than mine.
Maybe they don’t know why I feel and believe the way I do.
Maybe we both have something valuable to contribute to a solution.
Maybe there are lots of ways to be right.
Maybe we are a whole lot more alike than we are different.

We can also use MAYBE for the thoughts running through our own heads that are causing us so much turmoil.

Maybe things are going to work out.
Maybe I really am smart enough to do this.
Maybe it’s not as bad as I am thinking it is.
Maybe this is a step that is necessary for where I really want to be.
Maybe I am going to grow from this.
Maybe I am just the right person for this.

Just try it, friend. First, ask “what if?” and then start thinking MAYBE.

Because maybe it will mend some things right now.

You are so very loved.