You don’t have to have special permission to take a break, you know.

You have done enough. When you are tired, weary, and feeling worn out, it’s okay to be kind to yourself, to shift gears and take gentle care of your body and your spirit.

Please be good to yourself, beautiful friend. The world is not the same without the best of you. The people that you love the most have better lives because of you. There are people you have not even met yet who will have enriched lives because of you. But not if you are depleted and wrung out or numb from overwork.

Your life will be better, happier, more effective, more efficient, and more meaningful if you stop to take care of yourself. No more putting guilt trips on yourself or letting anyone else do it. No more working yourself so hard that you can’t even feel anymore. It’s time to REALLY nurture and take care of yourself. You are a gift to the world, so please take care of YOU.

Today’s a great day to start.

You can do it. You are beloved.