Dear Gutsy Girl

As life moves forward we begin to see how very complex we are, how many layers of memories, emotions, dreams, longings, fears, limitations, and magnificence are woven into our life stories.

Knowing this helps us to be fair and compassionate with ourselves.

For the sake of soul-deep peace, it is such a beautiful way of being, sweet friend, to also look to every person in your life the same way . . . to every person alive! Everyone has layers upon layers in his or her story. Everyone has experience we can not see . . . has fears, hurts, and magnificence we can not see. Everyone is working through something big at every moment we can not see.

Knowing this and remembering this helps us to be fair and compassionate with others.

Because of our beautiful layers in all of our stories, a beautiful way to live is to simply forgive, don’t take things personally, and try to always imagine that others are doing the best they can in their own personal battle. As you go along, give yourself the same grace. To forgive others quickly and thoroughly and to forgive yourself will bring real, lasting peace. Life can be so joyful when we live this way.

And your life was meant to be joyful all along.

You are so very loved.