Dear Perplexed Soul,

Sometimes when we are struggling or feeling uncomfortable or hurt, we think that we must be doing something wrong.

The thing is, life is a complicated school.

It is filled with brand new messages, lessons, and nuances every single day . . . and what makes it even more interesting is that every single person has a different set of circumstances. So we can’t even know if we have things figured out because what works for one human being may not work for the next.

Here’s the truth, dear soul . . . life is hard. It is difficult for everyone. But difficult things do not have to be things that make us suffer. And just because something is difficult, does not mean it is the wrong thing for us or that we are doing it wrong. In fact, most of the best things in life are difficult . . . because of all of the figuring-out, the learning curve, the unexpected outcomes . . . because we often have to stick with something for a very long time before the fruits start to appear.

We suffer when we believe if we are doing it right, everything is going to feel easy and good all of the time. This is just not true. Muscles have to stretch and heal as they grow and become stronger. We have to go through a period of not knowing as we learn. The middle parts of any journey can often get boring and tedious. We get disappointed sometimes because we want things to be different than they are.

What we must do is keep going. THAT is the joy in life . . . to keep going. When we decide that we can do even difficult things with a smile on our face, we can have joy just about all the time. This may not seem possible . . . but just try it, friend. When we reframe difficulty into a part of the hero’s journey, we can remind ourselves that we are right on track, that difficulty is an important part of it, and that sticking with it feels really, really good.

You are doing so much better than you think you are . . . and getting through the difficult times will be worth it.

You are so very loved and so very capable. Keep going.