Dear Fantastic Girl,

Are there clothes and household things you hold on to, even though they are worn out, broken, tattered, and cluttering up your life? Are there things you keep that have unpleasant memories, or just make you feel stuck? Are there boxes in your garage or your closet holding things that you don’t need, don’t want, or don’t even remember?

“Stuff” holds memories, feelings, and spaces in our lives. It is such a brave act to “spring clean” our internal lives, and it’s such a compelling exercise to do this in our physical lives too.

You will be happily surprised at how wonderful you feel when you start letting go of ratty old clothes, cracked dishes, and threadbare sheets. You’ll breathe a little easier when you give away things you never use anyway, but are holding on to for reasons you can’t explain. When we let go of the old, we are making a new and clean place for new things to come into our lives . . . and our new skin, our new wings.

Toss out just ONE thing this weekend. If it feels good, keep tossing.

You are worth it! You are loved.