Dear Honorable Girl,

Did you know that one of the keys to a happy and peaceful life is to do your best to leave a mark of goodness wherever you go?

Here are some tips to big and little pieces of random and beautiful happiness:

-Whenever you can, if it is in your power, leave people, places, and situations better than you found them.

-Do your best when you are working, whether or not you are publicly rewarded for it. (The best rewards are the internal ones, when you can feel so good about your work.)

-Be kind and as generous as possible to others, whether or not they notice or appreciate it.

-Make your surroundings more beautiful than you found them, whether or not it is your responsibility.

This is especially helpful and wonderful if your brain wants to do the opposite because you have been hurt by someone or something. It heals your whole soul when you choose to joyfully give instead of wanting to “stick it to” someone.

The very best thing you can ever do for your heart and your soul is to leave people, places, and situations better than you found them, even if those things did the best they could to leave you in a not-so-desireable position. YOU have the power to turn it all around and make it beautiful again.

You are so very, very loved!