Dear Sweet Girl,

Of all the difficult things that we must learn to do in this life . . . forgiving ourselves is so often one of the most difficult.

How can we expect to move forward in joy, to grow into who we are meant to become, or to restore the parts of ourselves that feel lost if we are stuck beating ourselves up?

It’s human to make mistakes. Whether it was a bad decision, a broken relationship, a very personal struggle or an addiction that seems to keep coming back . . . a regret, or something that feels like it’s too late to fix . . . no matter WHAT it is, we can choose to do better, and then we must choose to forgive ourselves.

We must forgive ourselves for not living up to our own expectations. We must stop expecting too much of ourselves. We must love ourselves for exactly who we are. We must congratulate ourselves on the small and big victories we make every day. We must stop looking back, because there is nothing we can do about the past . . . only about today and tomorrow. We must move forward in kindness to ourselves.

None of us will EVER be perfect. ALL of us will make mistakes, even when we are doing our very best.

Love yourself today the way you love others . . . the way you love the person you love the most. You deserve that kind of unconditional forgiving love.

It’s time to forgive yourself.

You are loved.