Dear Loving Soul,

If we could base our lives on things that are not temporary, we could find so much peace, couldn’t we?

Why base our happiness, measure our value, and center our lives around things that could be gone tomorrow?

When we place all of our value on our looks, our money, what people think of us, our titles, or anything else that is out of our control, life can feel pretty scary and shaky . . . it is almost impossible to find peace in our hearts.

Hold on tight to what you know to be beautiful and true. Love your family and friends, spend time learning, do things for others without expecting anything in return, simplify. Focus on the things that you can control . . . your attitude, what goes into your mind and heart and body, the people you spend time with and the time you spend alone, listening.

Life is meant to be beautiful and peaceful, but it takes some practice, dear friend. YOU are worth the practice time, and you are worth what it takes to let go.

You are so loved.