Dear Brilliant Soul,

It’s scary to love deeply, to love really, really, really deeply . . . to look others in the eyes and love them no matter what you see or what you get back from them.

It’s scary because we are all afraid of rejection—of not being enough of the “right stuff” to be loved back the way we feel we need to be loved.

Try to love this week just for the sake of loving, expecting absolutely nothing in return. Try not to take offense at snarky comments or disappointing interactions with people in your life.

Love them anyway. Smile at them anyway. Encourage them anyway.

Give everything you’ve got as an act of love to yourself, because it feels good. Be the best, happiest, most generous person you have ever met simply for the joy it brings to you. Any wonderful response you get back will just be an added bonus—not something you expect or even hope will happen.

Try it. It’s where the good stuff is.

You are loved.