Dear Seeking Girl,

Dreamers are not always treated with kindness and understanding. Visionaries are rarely taken seriously. People who seek what is good and true are often scoffed, laughed at, or shut down.

Are you willing to dream big dreams anyway? Are you willing to believe in the vision you have of what you want the world to be, or what you want your life to be? Are you willing to keep seeking the kind of life that others might say is unrealistic?

It’s brave to keep dreaming big dreams, to keep posing big questions, to decide not to settle for the status quo. It’s brave to seek more beauty, goodness, joy, and light in a world when it’s often so hard to find. It’s so courageous to keep your heart and mind on the good stuff and to ignore the fears that try to keep us from all our hearts are begging to have and experience.

BUT THE PEOPLE who do these very things are the people who change the world, who lead the way, and who live big lives . . . people like YOU.

So . . . thanks for continuing to believe in a better way . . . for working towards big things while enjoying the little things along the way . . . for continuing to seek sweet fabulousness, and when you can’t find it . . . for creating it.

Thanks for being you. Keep being brave.