Dear Ready Girl,

Moving on is important . . . if we don’t move forward, we stay stuck.

It’s like a stream . . . or a river . . . when it stops moving, it gets mucky and contaminated. We need to be constantly finding our flow . . . we need to be growing and learning and moving.

Our souls always know when it’s time to move on. We fight those feelings, we resist them . . . we try to stuff them down or shoo them away . . . but our souls are persistent and keep sending messages. In fact, messages usually start coming from every direction when it is time.

Listen to those gentle and not-so-gentle pushes that your soul is trying to communicate.

It is hard to move on. It is hard to embrace the changes that moving on brings. It is hard to navigate away from what is comfortable and what we know . . . even when we know we’ve outgrown it or that it is destructive to us in many ways. Many times, we stay in places where we know we don’t belong simply because it is what we know . . . and we are too afraid of moving on and into what we don’t know.

Move on, sweet friend, if that is what your soul is urging you to do . . . and keep moving, and moving, and moving . . . keep moving forward.

You can do this.

You are so very loved.