Dear Lovely Girl,

If you are ever in a place in your life where it feels like things are being torn from you one at a time . . .

. . . until it feels as though you are stripped down to nothing . . .

. . . please, dear friend, see it through those beautiful wise eyes of yours. See this time in your life for what it is capable of becoming, rather than for what it may seem when the wounds are raw and fresh.

So many times, the changes and shifts that come in our lives are swift and wild. It seems as though the carpet is being ripped right out from underneath us. Sometimes these stages even feel cruel and senseless.

Nothing in life comes to us without something valuable attached to the other side of it. There are always great gifts available to us when what seems like tragedy comes along.

We often find our greatest new adventures, relationships, and opportunities because something ended that we thought would last forever. We find people, places, talents, and loveliness on the new paths after we are stripped from the old paths. What seemed so merciless often ends up yielding the greatest mercies of all, helping us find exactly what we are meant to find, and who we are meant to find . . . and to do exactly what we were meant to do.

Please trust the journey, lovely you. You are on your way to somewhere so magnificent that it will take your breath away. Don’t give up now . . . keep going . . . stay on the path . . . just around the bend there is a life like you could never imagine.

You are beloved. You are.