Dear Incomparable Girl,

Sometimes when we are rolling along, doing our best, feeling on track, making progress . . . sometimes something happens that knocks the wind out of us. Maybe we found out someone else had the same idea we had and they started before we did. Maybe someone else dropped the ball. Maybe we got some really bad news about someone we love. Whatever it is, it kind of stops us in our tracks.

So what are we to do? Should we stop? Should we quit? Should we decide it is just not worth it to keep going? Should we abandon our goals and our dreams while we throw a fit about how things just aren’t fair, or easy, or understandable?

Well, maybe for a minute.

Then it’s time to put our brave girl boots on, pull them all the way up, do a little dance in them, and then get back to work. Get back on our own unique and divine path.

We can’t let scary things distract us. We can’t let unfair things stop us. We can’t let annoying things make us give up. Dreams are too important to abandon. Your life’s work is too important to give up on. YOU are too important to give up on.

Soooooo buck up, little brave girl. You are gonna make it, and it is going to be AWESOME.

You are so very loved.