Dear Giving Girl,

So many actions seem to go unnoticed, or seem too small or too insignificant to really be observed, even though we put our whole hearts and souls into performing them.

Sometimes we even feel like giving up on our efforts. We could not possibly be making a big enough wave to make any difference at all.

This is one of those little itty bitty lies in life that have enormous impact.

OF COURSE what you are doing is making a difference . . . whether it seems visible or not! When you are caring for a child or children day after day, you are making all the difference in the world to them. When you smile at someone on the street, that smile might be the best thing that has happened to them in weeks. When you do your very best in your career, you have no idea how many eyes are watching, and what an impact you have on others. When you express yourself through your creative art, you are giving a gift to the world that could never be given by anyone else.

Live with all you’ve got . . . be the brightest light with the biggest smile . . . leave every person and place happier than you found it . . .

You’ll see that you ARE making SUCH a big difference.

You are so very loved.