Dear Worried Soul,

It is a rumor that has been spread for hundreds of years and frightened millions of people . . . the rumor that states “We are not going to be okay because ____________” {fill in the blank}.

We are all on this planet together. We are all in this world together. Each of us has made it through countless experiences, trials, hard times, transitions, changes, wars, discoveries, inventions, political changes, natural disasters, and aging . . . just like our ancestors before us. You have already made it through so much. We all have. We are already champions.

There aren’t many things we can’t do when we work together. There aren’t many hard times we can’t make better simply by deciding to make it better.

We can make things better by seeing the best in each other and in ourselves. We can make things better by showing up in grassroots groups and making things happen that we believe in. We can make things better by pointing out beautiful moments and happy times to those we are with. We can make things better by laughing, singing, dancing, and crying together. We can make things better by creating beauty, giving comfort, speaking up, and hugging each other.

We can make things better by THINKING BETTER OF EACH OTHER.

Beautiful soul, please don’t fall into the trap of believing that you are powerless and that your contribution to life cannot make a difference. Please decide here and now that your smile, your love, your creations, your contributions, your thoughts, your prayers, your goals, your dreams, your help, your service, and your mission WILL BE what changes the world. Not only will these things make a better world, but also a better you. Don’t you dare give up, don’t you dare give in. There is so much to be done, so much joy to be created, experienced, and enjoyed. YOU are part of that. You are needed.

We are going to be okay. You are going to be okay . . . and you are going to be a big part in making sure that everyone else is okay too.

Chin up, buttercup! You are so very, very loved.