Dear Going-Too-Fast Girl,

We need white space.

We need eye rest. We need peace and quiet.

We need to stop thinking so hard, stop moving so fast, stop worrying so much.

Sometimes we forget that one of the most important parts of our daily work, our weekly work, our life’s work—is the chill time.

We would never expect a car to run without fuel. We would never expect an appliance to work without being plugged in. We would never expect a flashlight to work without batteries.

Why do we expect ourselves to operate at full capacity without refueling, recharging, recalibrating?

You need rest. You need time to chill and just be. You need to be nourished. You are a living, breathing, feeling being.

Take some time. Schedule it in. It is part of your important life work. No one is going to take care of this part of things, so you must. You are too important to wear out.

You are so very, very, very loved.