Dear Weary Soul,

We must remember that we can get so focused on what is going wrong it can take away our energy to make things better.

We can become so afraid that we can’t think about anything but how to avoid what we are most afraid of.

Fear doesn’t stop bad things from happening to us, but it does often stop us from enjoying good things. Every day there are good things to be found and good things to be created by our own hands and hearts. We need to preserve our strength, our energy, and our courage to create good things.

We can’t think the best and the worst of humanity at the same time . . . our energy has to go somewhere to be powerful. Let’s remember goodness, the good fighters, the goodness makers, and the goodness of the human soul. Let’s pare away everything that hides the light of goodness. Darkness will never ever be able to outdo light because darkness by definition is only a lack of light.

You are good. You are made of goodness. Tap into that and help others tap into their goodness.

When we all find each other’s goodness and we meet there, miracles can and will happen. Keep your head held high and your heart held strong and wide . . . love will prevail.

You are so very loved.