Dear “ENOUGH” Girl,

You can be told a million times over how incredible you are, how loved you are, and how much others believe in you . . . yet, sometimes it’s just too hard to believe for yourself.

Often you just need to know what is true and what is real for yourself . . .

Beautiful girl, please take time to listen to the truths that are there for you. Search for the deepest truth of who you are, who you were created to be, what your purpose is, and the deepest truth about the individual plan that is meant just for you.

It is nice to know what others think of us. It is pleasing to hear nice things about our hair, or our shoes, or the way we decorate our house.

What is most important, sweet friend, is not the thoughts or opinions that others have of you, but doing the work it takes to come to the solid realization that you are a precious, amazing soul . . . that there is a plan for you, and if everything external was taken away from you, you would still BE YOU. You are the beauty. You are the miracle. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE PHENOMENAL.

You are so deeply, deeply, deeply loved.