Dear Magnificent Girl,

Sometimes we settle for a life that is not even close to what is intended for us. We settle for relationships, jobs, places, and situations that we have the ability to change, but we have gotten too comfortable to change them . . . even if those very things bring us unsettled feelings to our core.

Today, REALLY look at places in your life that you know are not resonating with your beautiful soul. While you cannot change people, you CAN change the way you interact with them and maybe change the relationship into something beautiful.

We can make our surroundings more beautiful, neat, and organized without spending any money. We can mend old fences, we can change many things about our careers. We can restore our spirits and treat our loved ones with extreme kindness and unconditional love. We can get rid of ratty old clothes in our closet that make us feel yucky. We can weed our flower beds . . . we can do so much to make a lovely place for our souls to dwell. We don’t have to settle.

Just pick ONE thing today to bring into alignment with what you really want out of life. Put that box in the garage that you keep walking past, clean out your purse, write that thank-you note, talk to your boss about better working hours. If you work for yourself stop working so much. Pick a few things every week and before you know it, your whole life will start to feel “on purpose.”

It’s a beautiful thing.

You are loved.