Dear Exasperated Soul,

When things are tough and painful, tempers are flaring, and hope is a dim little light . . . there is something that we can do.

We can make things better. For ourselves and for everyone around us. No matter what is happening, we can always fly above it to shine the light.

It’s going to be difficult, just like everything worthwhile, from time to time. Navigating life and finding joy inside of the conflict that is happening all around us is critical right now, friend.

Your joy will light a dark room. Your smile will bring comfort when everything feels like it hurts.

YOUR LIGHT . . . that very light that illuminates from the center of who you are . . . THAT light will help others to see.

When times are dark and scary, everyone is looking for the light. When there is conflict, tornado-like discourse, and the same conversations going around and around putting everyone into an exhausted corner, isolated . . . we’ve got to be the ones who shine the light.

Fly above it and shine so others can find their way.

Speak words of gratitude, joy, love, and appreciation. Remind everyone of who they are. Listen and listen and listen. Hug and hug and hug. Be together.

It is worth it.

You are so very loved.