Dear Grateful Girl,

Are there things you are worried about today?

Things that keep you awake at night, tossing and turning?

Worries, problems, things you need, things you have to do, things others expect of you, things you have to fix, things you can’t fix . . . problems, problems, problems!

The story is told of an old shopkeeper who walked along a busy street, his mind and heart heavy with burdens. He had lost the store he had run all his life. He had lost his savings and incurred tremendous debt he felt he’d never be able to repay. He was a beaten man . . . he had lost all his fight and all of his faith.

Then something extraordinary happened that changed everything.

Coming down the street, he saw a man with no legs sitting on a little wooden platform with wheels from roller skates . . . pushing himself along with a block of wood in each hand. His eyes met the shopkeeper’s and he said, “Good morning, sir! It’s a fine morning, isn’t it?”

The shop keeper suddenly realized how rich he was. He had two legs; he could walk. He felt ashamed of his self-pity. He said to himself, “If this man can be cheerful, happy, and confident without legs, I certainly can.” He felt his chest lifting, his burdens lightened, and his heart filled with hope as he began noticing all he had to be grateful for.

From that day forward, he posted on his mirror these words:

I had the blues because I had no shoes . . .
Until upon the street I met a man who had no feet.

Darling girl, today is the day to stop worrying and start living. Begin by counting your blessings instead of your troubles.

You are so very loved.