Dear Beautiful Soul,

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that today won’t end with “THE END” and the story of our lives will go on tomorrow. Today will end with “TO BE CONTINUED.”

The mercy in all of this is that we truly DO get to start over every single day, writing the story of our lives one experience at a time, but the story gets to go on. Things get to resolve themselves, plots can twist and turn, characters can make their way in and out of the story. But every day, the story goes on.

If you are in a place you don’t want to be, just know that the story is not over. It is far from over. The rest of your life has yet to be written.

Make it a good one and wait it out when all you can do is wait. Everything works out somehow and most of the time in ways we weren’t expecting, but so much better than what we ever wished for.

Stay with it. Be true to you. YOU are the main character. Be exactly who you are.

You are so very loved, dear friend.