Dear Good-Hearted Soul,

It’s hard to keep going when people around us only seem to notice the things that still need to be done, the things that have gone wrong, or the things that they wish were different.

Sometimes it seems that it all goes unseen. Sometimes we want to throw in the towel and wonder if it is worth all of the trouble.

But here’s what’s true, friend . . .

You do so many things that no one else sees. You have performed hundreds of beautiful acts that no one has ever known about. You fight battles that no one ever sees and you calm storms around you before anyone could even know a storm was coming.

You are a miracle worker, a blessing, and a gift.

In the deepest part of your heart, there is a knowing that living your life in this beautiful way is the right way to live . . . even if some things never seem to get noticed or appreciated . . . even if someone else gets the credit for it.

You never went into those big-hearted experiences for any other reason than to show love and be the wonderful person that you are . . . and that is what makes it worthwhile. It makes the world a better place . . . and we need each other. If everyone stopped doing beautiful things, what a sad world it would be.

As long as it’s coming straight from your heart, please keep doing the kind and wonderful things you are doing. Those acts can do nothing but good for your own life and for those around you.

For every kind word or act you give to another human being, please turn around and give one to yourself. You deserve it.

You are a phenomenal human being.

You are so very, very loved.