Dear Radiant Soul,

What if we all lived our lives like the most important thing we could ever do was to generate more light . . . not the kind that comes from a battery or a plug in the wall . . . the kind that comes from our eyes, our souls, and our lives. What if?

Sometimes things feel so dark that we think the darkness might swallow us up. Sometimes the darkness feels more powerful than anything else.

You know what dark is though, friend? By its very definition, darkness is nothing more than a LACK OF LIGHT.

So what do we do with a lack? We fill it with an abundance. The thing about light is that we can bring a tiny bit to the biggest amount of darkness, and the tiny bit will always win over the darkness, no matter what amount . . . because there isn’t a lack anymore.

We can always use more light. We can always BE more light.

Light comes when we dream, when we love, when we smile, when we create, when we appreciate, when we are thankful, when we notice, when we keep moving forward.

Shine on, bright one.

You are so very loved,