Dear Wobbly Soul,

Sometimes we forget what we have to be before we can be courageous . . . sometimes we forget STEP ONE of being brave.

What is it, you ask?

Well, to be courageous and to be brave . . . we first have to be afraid, uncomfortable, sad, lost or anything else that requires some overcoming.

The next step, STEP TWO, is to get up and keep going in spite of those things. See? You’re already courageous. You’re already brave.

In times like these, we just have to remember to STAY brave. We have to remember to go from step one to step two. Lots of times we can get completely stuck on step one . . . and then our becoming is incomplete.

It’s ok to spend some time with our feelings. Feelings are good. Anger is good and sadness is even good . . . it’s a step to where we are going.

We just need to remember that it is only a step . . . and as soon as it’s time, we’ve got to take the next one.

Stay brave, dear soul.

You are so very loved.