Dear Endeavoring Soul,

When things are very difficult, as they sometimes are in life, we have to learn to preserve our energy for what our most important stewardships are. This requires discipline and lots of remembering. It is easy to get sucked into and caught up in the never-ending swirls of drama and sensationalism, and it is hard to avoid becoming triggered to the point of paralysis.

We must protect our personal peace.

verb (transitive)
1. to defend from trouble, harm, attack, etc

To protect something that you can’t even see, like peace . . . means you have to figure out what it is that gives you peace. Usually, peace comes when what you believe aligns with what you say and do. It also comes from being good to each other. It is hard to be at peace if you have hurt others intentionally. Sometimes it is hard to do all of these things simultaneously. But the things in life that matter most are rarely easy.

We can’t have world peace if we can’t first start with personal peace. Making decisions and trying to make a difference when we are panicked, triggered, and emotional is not especially effective. Being at peace helps us to create peace.

You can do difficult things . . . the world needs you now more than ever.

You are so very loved,