Dear Beauty-Full Soul,

Beauty is a love language . . . healing beauty that comes in the form of sparkling light, changing seasons, newborn and aging bodies, and everything in between . . . the deep sea of looking into another’s eyes . . . the stages of a flower from sprout to bud to shriveled.

Beauty as a healing love language comes in the form of shape-shifting clouds, paint intuitively placed on a canvas, words soulfully strung together, music of all kinds . . . a cup of something warm and comforting. It comes in colors placed throughout lifeless environments, texture used where life had been flat . . . there are so many ways to find healing in beauty.

The society-created and manufactured versions of beauty are often the very things that distract us from the most beautiful things . . . from beauty that is healing and raw . . . the kind of beauty that causes a resonant feeling to gently shake our soul with its pure truth. 

We must not let the distraction of manufactured beauty keep us from recognizing the natural beauty all around us . . . beauty that is more medicine than poison . . . because sometimes the addiction to manufactured beauty can poison us.

Manufactured beauty can become an addiction so powerful that our focus can be stolen and owned and controlled by it . . . by the drive to have more of it. Raw, natural beauty is only addictive in the way that air is addictive . . . in that we need it to survive, to thrive, and to be healthy.

We are all drawn to beauty, but beauty should never make us feel shame or fear because of a false sense of lack of it. Beauty is all around us . . . and it’s meant to be created soulfully, naturally, and wonderfully. When it feels like pressure, it may not be raw beauty at all, but addiction to manufactured beauty.

You are beautiful in every way. As the years go by, you only get more beautiful. You have the power to create more beauty every day and to notice the beauty that is all around you.

Beauty is meant for you, and it will heal you, dear soul.

You are so very loved,