Dear Seeking Soul,

There are things waiting for you that are meant just for you.

There are some gifts for you that you have not been seeing, hearing, and feeling. There are some answers for you that are begging to be heard, taken in, understood, and accepted.

There are ideas waiting for you that will make things less complicated and more efficient . . . maybe even more fun. There are solutions just standing by waiting for you to notice them.

But you are hurrying, dear soul, aren’t you? You are busy, everything is loud, and you are doing one thing on top of another while another is going on in the background. You are running so much that once you’ve stopped, you’re so exhausted that you numb out with even more noise. Oh, dear soul . . . there is so much waiting for you when you are ready to be still.

Still yourself. Sit still. Sit still in the quiet . . . where the only sounds are your breath, the beat of your heart, and maybe the wind in the trees. Get still and be still . . . slow down and wait for those gifts to come to you. You must. It will be worth it.

You are so very, very loved.