Dear Genuine Girl,

We are human beings. Sometimes we forget how frail and imperfect we all are by default . . . how much we have to keep learning every single day.

What we forget most of all is how much grace we all need. We need to give ourselves grace when we mess up, when we forget, when we slip. We need to give that grace to each other too.

When we don’t give grace . . . we hide our frailties. We keep them in the dark. When we don’t bring our humanness into the light . . . the darkness makes our shortcomings bigger. The best thing we can do is to bring it out in the light when we take a misstep. The next best thing we can do is be a safe place for others to admit that they may have misstepped too.

Then we can help ourselves . . . then we can help each other. Let’s let go of the shame and move forward . . . forgive ourselves and forgive each other. We are all learning.

You are so very loved.