Dear Lovable Girl,

There are all kinds of people . . . people who love all kinds of things, and people who love all kinds of people.

There are also people who have a hard time loving anything at all.

Beautiful friend . . . life is much too short to ever stick around a person who makes you feel like you are difficult to love.

Time is much too short to spend it with any person who sees more of what is wrong about you than what is right.

We can limit the time that we spend with others. We can walk away from relationships that hurt. Sometimes it’s better to be alone for a while rather than be with someone who continually tears away at us.

We can believe in people, we can love them, we can wish them well, we can extend a hand in emergencies, we can speak well of them, we can believe well of them . . . and at the same time, protect ourselves by keeping our time with them to a minimum.

Here’s the truth: You are lovable. You are worthy of love.

Please learn to love yourself enough to only allow others to treat you the way a lovable, worthy human being should be treated (the way everyone should be treated).

You are worth everything it takes.

You are SO very loved.