Dear Soulful Girl,

There is something wonderful, strange, difficult, painful, and amazing about becoming more of who we are. When we stop squeezing our actual soul shape into the shapes of everything else around us just to fit in . . . and we let ourselves look and feel and BE who we actually are . . . we feel relieved. But, sometimes we also feel profoundly lonely for a while.

This is normal, dear girl . . . and so worth sticking through . . .

It becomes quite a habit to work so hard at fitting in and trying to be like everyone else. Sometimes we work at it so long that we forget what we were like before we started all this. Our soul knows, though.

There comes a day when our soul has just had enough of the squeezing, coloring, carving, and polishing we keep trying to do to change it (or hide it!) . . . and our soul just wants to be authentic, raw, whole, and FREE. Our soul wants us to hold hands with it and BE WHO WE ARE. Our soul just wants to be the light that it is . . . without having to wear a mask, or a cape, or a shiny veneer of anything at all. It just wants to shine.

Sometimes we feel a bit like a freak when we stop trying to fit in . . . don’t let that stop you, dear soul. The more layers we peel off, the brighter we can shine. That stuff is just covering up our light . . . and the world needs more light. The world needs YOU. YOU need YOU.

You are amazing, unique, and wonderful . . . keep peeling off anything that is covering up all of the you-ness of you.
It will be worth it . . .

You are so very, very, very loved.