Dear Brave Girl,

Think for a bit about the nature of light. Light is something very special. Now, think about the nature of darkness. Sometimes we are tricked into believing that light and darkness are equal, but they just are not. And there’s such a lesson there.

Light is energy, truth, beauty, illumination, and brilliance. Love.

Darkness is simply a lack of light. It is nothing else.

There are things in life that try to trick us the same way, somehow making us believe that they are bigger and scarier than they are. Fears are this way. Lies are this way. Fears and lies LOVE to grow in the dark.

Light always wins. A tiny light can destroy darkness, but darkness never has the power to put out the light. Truth always wins. Love always wins.

So when there is a choice to be made, bring it into the light. Stay in the light and step out of the darkness when you find you have been pulled that direction. Choose truth, choose love. Always go where the peace is. Always choose the light.

You are so very loved.