Dear Brave Girl,

Please do not think for one minute, that you are not courageous, just because you are afraid.

Please do not minimize your power, just because you are feeling a little lost.

Please do not believe that you are not on the right track, just because you are in a bit of a slump.

Most of all, please do not EVER think that you are the only one who has hard days, rotten days, weak days, and even days when you feel like you have messed up everything, gone backward or that all is lost.

Even your greatest heroes and role models have days just like you have.

These feelings will pass. If all you can do is HOPE that these feelings will pass, it will be enough. Never lose hope.

You made it to now, and you will make it to tomorrow. The clouds will blow over, the sunshine will come again, and you will have learned a few new lessons along the way.

BEING BRAVE does not mean that you do not sometimes feel scared, weak, and lost . . . it just means you keep going anyway . . . and that is what you do best.

You can do this, friend . . . you really can. Keep going . . . don’t stop now!

You are so very loved.