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My Life’s Work

You can soar! I have created more than 40 courses to help you celebrate your unique gifts, overcome life’s challenges, or just find your wings. You can elect to purchase each course individually or enroll in Soul School to access them all. Get started today!

Be Your Own Hero

7 Lessons | $27

Calling all damsels in distress! This course will remind you that sometimes you’ve got to stop waiting to be rescued - that you are equipped to go on a rescue mission for your own self.


1 Lesson | $27

There is a standard of beauty in our world that is sometimes very damaging. There are so many kinds of beautiful, and YOU are one of them. This course explores authentic beauty.

Begin Again

2 Lessons | $27

Everything is always on a path to becoming something else, which means we will live through countless endings and countless beginnings. This course focuses on the magic of beginnings.

Being True to Being You

2 Lessons | $27

It’s difficult sometimes to harness the courage required to show up to life exactly as who we are. In this course, you’ll be offered a new perspective on being you.

Bloom Your Own Way

4 Lessons | $27

If we were all the same, the world would be a really boring place. In this course, you’ll learn to embrace what makes you different. Your uniqueness is your superpower!

Brave Mothers & Daughters

3 Lessons | $27

Sometimes we assume those we love know how we feel about them. In this course, you’ll work through fun projects that help you get to know each other and tell each other what you see.

Bravely Asking

3 Lessons | $27

If you don’t ask, it might not ever happen. Sometimes all we need is to find the courage to inquire. We must do the work of knowing what we actually want. This course explores the power of asking.

Choose Happy

7 Lessons | $27

We forget that the road from discontent to happiness requires a little bit of work, a respectful relationship with our sadness, and lots of radical honesty. In this course, that’s where we’ll go.

Everyday Gratitude

3 Lessons | $27

It’s hard to remember how much we have to be thankful for when it feels like so much is going wrong. In this course, you’ll find ideas and skills to shift your focus to a place of gratefulness.

Flying Free

3 Lessons | $27

Sometimes after a long period of living through a life that doesn’t feel right for us, we don’t know how to behave as if we are free. In this course, identify and conquer what’s clipping your wings.

Getting Back Up

2 Lessons | $27

We all find ourselves flat on the ground at different times in our lives. In this course, you’ll learn about the gifts found on the ground and how to stand back up without shame or blame.

Go Where the Peace Is

7 Lessons | $27

Often when we are spinning out, we turn to behaviors and places that make us feel even worse. In this course, you’ll be guided to find where and what peace feels like for YOU.

I Can & I Will

8 Lessons | $27

Grit, determination, courage, endurance, resolve — these are just some of the things we need when we are facing a difficult challenge. In this course, you’ll find it in yourself.

Just for the Fun of it

2 Lessons | $27

We forget how important play is. We sometimes don’t allow ourselves to make time for enjoyment and laughter. In this course you’ll rediscover the playful part of yourself.

Let it Go. Let it Fall. Let it Be.

4 Lessons | $27

It’s hard to let go of things that are still beautiful and say goodbye when we don’t feel finished with those parts of our life. In this course, you’ll be guided through finding the courage to let go.

Life is Beautiful

7 Lessons | $27

Life is hard sometimes and can teach us to create a habit of always looking at what’s going wrong. In this course, you’ll retrain yourself to see the good, beautiful, and helpful.

Live a Brave Life

4 Lessons | $27

Bravery is so important. We cannot be brave without first facing something uncomfortable, scary, or unfair. In this course, you’ll be inspired to find the lion-hearted part of yourself.

Love Even More

3 Lessons | $27

Love is a verb that requires practice and discipline. In this course, you’ll be guided through some self-inquiry to help tap into your intentions for love and your best ways to love everyone.

Messages From the Middle

1 Lesson | $27

When we are not where we once were, and not yet where we want to be – there are tremendous gifts to be found on the way to where we are going. Learn to find them in this course.

Protect Your Peace

7 Lessons | $27

Getting to a place of peace is a remarkable accomplishment that requires great discipline and connection with our own souls. This course explores what it takes to safeguard your peace.

Random Acts of Friendship

3 Lessons | $27

True connection is a focused effort. When life is busy, it’s hard to know how to connect best with others. This course will give you ideas and inspiration to connect through true friendship.

She Did it Anyway

5 Lessons | $27

There are times when we must look our “impossible” dilemmas square in the face. This course delivers a map to your courage, your awesomeness, and the grit it will take to do difficult things.

Still Becoming

7 Lessons | $27

Your story is not over yet. This course offers potent reminders that will inspire you to move forward with fresh confidence and spunk on your journey.

The Good Life Your Way

1 Lesson | $27

“The good life” is really about figuring out what makes your heart feel whole and what makes your eyes sparkle..and it’s usually the little things. This lesson is about taking the pressure off to build a giant, spectacular life plan, and letting yourself rest in the joy of the little things that make a REAL good life.

To Keep and To Give

3 Lessons | $27

Sometimes we say “yes" when we want to say “no.” Sometimes we say “no” when we want to say “yes.” This course will give you new skills to make decisions that lead to self-respect.

You Are Enough

7 Lessons | $27

In a culture that trains us to believe we could never live up to all that’s expected of us, let’s stop and take inventory of all that we already are. Come find your enoughness and so much more.