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words as medicine

People before politics….where we stand.

This message comes from a place of love. *edited to add more context.....I am writing this blog post because next week we will release our 2017 Symposium schedule and open registration. Just like last year, our speakers come from very diverse backgrounds and...

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Just keep doing your best….

Heyyyyyy fellow soul........sometimes I check out the Internet and social media world and all I see is 10,000 judgments and 1,000,000 pieces of advice and 7 million lists of the 10 best ways to do things exactly right. Today I just want to tell you that you are...

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Give People a Chance….ALL PEOPLE

Ugh, I'm fed up. I have had this controversial thought for a long time...and then I think...well, maybe it's not controversial at all....maybe just people are not having this conversation. I have 5 brothers, 3 sons, a phenomenal husband and also was lucky enough to...

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Here’s where my heart is…….

Hi friends....thanks for being here with me....the internet is a busy place, lots to see and do...thanks for stopping here to read this. I'm kinda spilling my heart. I wanted you to know where I've been and what's been happening. Here’s where my heart is… 1. My...

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I am wanting…..

  I am wanting to be in the mountains..surrounded by the trees...near the water. I am wanting to go to bed early...and so I shall. xoxo...

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I am learning. (Again.) And learning about learning.

I am learning how to draw and paint faces. I have been painting a lot of them lately....but it's in a way that is easy for me...and I've been longing to learn more and better ways. I tried was kind of a disaster. I am learning that I grow...

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