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words as medicine

You are cherished and loved…

Dear wondering girl, Just wanted to remind you that you are not alone...you are never alone. Not only are there others who have been through the same kinds of experiences you are going through, and felt the same kinds of pain you have felt, or worked towards the...

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brave living - brave girls club - you are never alone

Oh, the pressure we could take off of ourselves…

Dear Worrying Girl, None of us can know for sure how our day will end, let alone our whole life story. We can’t know every road that we will take, or every road that we will have to choose from. We can’t know what will show up, who will show up or when. We can’t...

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Drama won’t have a chance….

Dear Peace-Seeking Soul, Not sure what to do when there's too much drama? Sometimes we just need to walk away from situations that seem determined to keep spinning and spinning in crazy circles of chaos and gossip and negativity. Drama hates solutions and loves to...

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brave girls club - avoiding drama protects my peace

If you are in a cage…this is for you

Dear Brave-Hearted Girl, It's not an easy thing to learn, but the truth is that not everyone has your best interests in mind. Not everyone has the best intentions. People do terrible things to other people sometimes. Some people make mistakes, but others act in...

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