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You’re in charge of your own life…

Dear Gift-Filled Soul, Every day we need to make decisions that protect the things that are most precious to us. It's important to create boundaries for your life. Boundaries are the limits, the fences, the border patrol that protects whatever is most precious to...

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Good thing we get lots of chances, isn’t it?

Dear Wonderful Soul, Being a person is a hard job. There is so much that must be learned…so many mistakes get made. Sometimes people get hurt and sometimes things fall apart. Sometimes we go down the wrong road and sometimes we are careless and don’t think through...

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brave living - brave girls club - being a human is hard

Making peace with ourselves…

Dear Beloved Soul, Peace is good. Peace is so so good. It is worth it to travel whatever lengths you need to go to feel peace. Often, peace is right in front of our face if we will just silence everything else out. Then sometimes we have to make really tough...

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Worrying doesn’t help anything, does it?

Dear Peace-Seeking Soul, Worrying changes NOTHING. Sometimes our worrying becomes a bigger problem than the problem we are worrying about to begin with. Please, beautiful friend, set your worries aside and step firmly into this very moment. Look yourself in the eye...

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go where the peace is

What does it mean to ‘win’ a fight?

Dear Courageous Girl, Some people might say that walking away from a battle is the cowardly thing to do. But very often, it is the best and bravest thing you could ever do? How do we know when it’s time to walk away from a battle...whether it is a real human...

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A paradox….sadness and happiness work together

Dear Seeking Soul, Happiness is often misunderstood...just as happy people are often misunderstood. A sometimes very confusing paradox in life is that sometimes we cannot truly be happy until we work through the things that are making us feel so sad or angry....

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brave living - brave girls club - honor sadness to find happiness