So………I really had an unforgettable week. I hope you did too. It is pretty amazing all of the stuff you can pack into one week when you carefully choose how you will spend your time…and who you will spend it with, too. I have to say…that I get to be with the kindest, most wonderful, hard working & talented people every day. I want to show you what a day is like when we are working on a big project…

There were so many hilarious moments this week that I ended up in tears from laughing so hard, I really do ADORE the people I am with every day, and we laughed A LOT this week…I am so thankful, because the beginning of the week started with an enormous meltdown that brought buckets of weary & sad tears…..but…sheesh….that is life, right? Mr. Ross made everything right in my world and put me back on track…and made me remember why I am taking this little break that I keep talking about. Change is HARD and I am making tons of changes right now. I am doing SO MUCH evaluating and trying to be so honest with myself and I’m pruning the branches of my tree of life…and that hurts a little bit sometimes.

Did you know that my sudden “courage” to make enormous changes in my life came as I was writing curriculum for my next online class, SOUL RESTORATION 2? Well, this class, my friends, IS seriously life changing. All of us who are working through it for the test run are finally getting off of our booties and making big changes in our lives and moving forward into doing things we have always wanted to do…and things we just started to want to do too. We are refocusing, and remembering, and we are working hard to stop wasting time and procrastinating. We are giving up things that make us feel miserable and small, which is opening up time and space and energy for things that help us grow, feel bliss and give us wings. It has been a COMPLETE BLAST and it has been SO HARD TOO.

One thing that I was not expecting from all of it…is that I have lost almost 15 pounds since I started writing it and working it…most of the time without trying………and I have a theory on why this is happening which I promise to tell you very soon…but….

….what I wanted to do here is show you WHAT IT IS LIKE when we are shooting videos. It is seriously so much fun……we decided partway through Soul Restoration 1 that we would start making our video shoots into little adventures…because WHY NOT? And we started going to all sorts of locations, even though it was Winter. Now that it is summer…..we can go SO MANY MORE places…and in Idaho..there are a million beautiful places to go. We are having the time of our lives shooting videos for this class.

It’s so fun because I will get an idea….tell Kim and then she will start sending out text messages to our little local circle of adventure girls…..and most of the time they will say HECK YES I WANT TO COME!!! So, we all pile into a car and head out…or we just hang out at the clubhouse and do it…..we often stop for some eats….we often stop and take photos at random places and we always always always have tons of laughs and fun…

Anyway…..last week was the greatest….and when Maria gave me these photos documenting our filming adventure…I knew I had to share them with you. It’s all about making each and every moment as fun and spectacular as you can…getting outside, seeing the beautiful world, letting the wind blow in your face, hearing the flowing water, seeing the growing trees, CROSSING BRIDGES.

If you want to know what the heck is going on in these videos (and I promise you will LOVE KNOWING!!!!) you can sign up for SOUL RESTORATION 2 and join me for 6 weeks of seriously life changing fun…..I know for sure that if you do these lessons with us…you will start to move forward into a life that you will LOVE. This stuff WORKS! I SOOOOO want you to be with us on this journey!! COME ON!!! YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST SUMMER OF YOUR LIFE!!! YAY!

We even stopped at our old High School (which is now condemned!) and sat on the grass and had a little chat like we used to 20+ years ago……

Hope you make some time this weekend to do simple, beautiful things, with people you love, who love you right back. I hope you make lots of time for the people who see who you are, what you are capable of, and love you exactly as you are…….and who inspire you to get off of your tush and go for it…