Don’t you love how I hooked you into here with that juicy title? Well…have a read….


Have you ever been lied to? Probably. I’m going to just be bold and say…yes, of course you have been lied to, at some time or another in your beautiful life.

Sometimes it’s hard to find comfort, especially the soul kind, because at the root of it all…we have often been lied to…..but that’s not the part that hurt….the part that hurt was that we believed the lie…..and when you believe a lie, it can grow into all sorts of craziness and wreak havoc on your soul. Think about it…..perhaps the reason it is hard to find peace and comfort in your soul was simply because you believed a lie…or maybe lots of them.

dear melody selfish

I’m talking about the kind of lies that come at us when we are not yet wise enough to know how ridiculous the lies are….the kind that get ingrained in our psyche, our souls… deeply that sometimes we do not even know that they are there…..the kind that shape our behavior and our decisions…the kind that put invisible limitations on us that we just can’t put our finger on.

….and, the kind that make our minds swirl and spin and NEVER quiet down…keeping us from finding any kind of rest….and keep us from believing that we even deserve to rest…that there is just this magic something that we HAVE TO DO OR BE before we can feel at peace,stop and rest, or take a break from all of the proving.

dear melody not allowed


I believe with everything in me that we are meant to be comforted. NOT JUST SOME OF US…ALL OF US. We are meant to feel peace. We are meant for joy, love and life….the kind of life you really LIVE, not the kind of life that you merely endure each day. To live, we must also rest….rest our bodies and rest our minds. Any kind of communication that makes us feel that comfort, peace, love, rest and even bliss is not possible for us is rooted in some lie that we were told at some time.

You see, beautiful soul…..if you are having difficulty finding comfort in your life, and especially providing it for yourself, it is probably because you have been lied to…and you believed it…..

Maybe a voice told you that you were not worthy of a super duper happy life…and maybe it  was not even said in words, but in actions. Either way, you believed it.

dear melody you have not earned


Maybe a ringing voice said that you have to earn joy…that you have to earn love and that you won’t belong unless ____________. And then…even though it surely wasn’t true (and your wise old self would never let someone you love believe that now that you are older and wiser)…before you knew better, you believed it.

dear melody not enough

Maybe that went on to a voice that said that all of those beautiful heart-filled life rules about unconditional love and soul peace and finding your bliss were for everyone but you, because you have made too many mistakes, or you were not the right “kind” from the time you were born. And then sad things happened in your life…and hard things…so you started to believe that it was because the good rules in life just weren’t meant for you…a lie that was told to you somewhere, by someone or by something…and you believed it.

Before long, the voice that was lying seemed to be in your head…so then you really believed it. But it was just rehashing the lie it had been told at sometime…the lie that you really believed.

dear melody not worthy

And then little things that happen seem to validate the lie. So…when we get unfriended on Facebook, or someone dings our car, or a blessing we were hoping for does not happen……….it feels connected to what we believed when you were lied to….which makes us just keep believing the lie instead of clinging to what is really true:




Peace and rest and comfort is not found in the validation or acceptance of others, it is not found in acquiring things, it is not found in working your way up to the top of any ladder. It is not to be found after you have proved your worthiness to be alive in some way, nor is it to be found after you have given enough or worked enough or won enough. It is not found after you have felt accepted into some group or circle or relationship. It is not to be found after you make the prettiest art or fit into the smallest jeans or get invited to the best party. The yucky lies will feed on those kinds of things that are completely out of your control.

 Really….the truth is…….the only real soul-deep comfort is found in PURE TRUTH……the same truth that is LOVE and LIGHT. By truth I don’t mean facts, and added up wins and losses and sparkly things…..I mean PURE TRUTH. The real stuff. The stuff that sheds so much bright soft light on the lies that the lies just kind of dissolve.

SOOOOOOOOO….now, let’s talk about Soul Comfort. This is a course that is so needed. This is a truly life-changing new concept and way of life. We created this course that gets your mind focusing on simple things that are beautiful and fun so that you can stop the crazy swirling loud chatter in minds and hearts…so that you can get some real rest………meanwhile, fun little exercises help you figure out what really is true for you…..and what is just some old lie that you believed way back before you knew better.

You see, when we know better…we can do better. 

And we even made it so that the supply list for the course is easy and inexpensive to gather together and can all fit into one tote bag so that the exercises and projects are portable and can be done anywhere. And we made it fun….but don’t be fooled…this is lifechanging stuff…you see, life really can be fun and meaningful and easy all at the same time.

Sooooo….check into it…and even if it’s not the right time for you….please just think hard about what is keeping you from finding peace, comfort and letting yourself rest and have joy and be happy.. If you find it hard to step into a life like that….chances are it is because you have been lied to somewhere and somehow….and the lies are taking hold.

 Because the truth is, friend……sister……you are beloved. (and I am too, yay!)

beloved melody

And there is NOTHING that can ever change that.

Hope you will come have some fun with us in Soul Comfort….we would sure love to have you.