Dear Progressing Girl,

So why is it, gorgeous friend, that when things get tough or boring, or when sacrifice is required, that we somehow think we must not be on the right path after all?

Why do we doubt our path when we knew at the beginning that there would surely be days like this?

You knew when you started on this path towards your goals and your dreams that sometimes the road was going to get rough, that things would not always be fun or easy, and that you were willing to sacrifice whatever it took to get there.

Don’t let the tough times get you down.They are just a temporary part of the journey.

brave girls club - rough days will come

Learn what you can while you are in those times. But most of all, be patient, and let yourself remember that you knew this would happen, and you knew that you could and would make it. And you will.

It will be worth it.

You are so very loved.