Did you choose a word for this year?

I like the whole “word of the year” thing that so many of us do at the beginning of each year. I remember this huge trend originating with one of my peers many years back, http://www.aliedwards.com/  “one little word”…..it has grown to be such a cool thing out of such a brilliantly simple concept. Nice work, Ali…..thank you for all that it has brought into my life and the lives of so many others!

So….My word for this year is YES….but not just YES…..”SACRED YES”….

(yes, I am a rebel and choosing TWO WORDS)

let me explain…

LAST YEAR, 2012, my word was “SACRED” and by sacred, I meant….holy…I meant, important…I meant MOST IMPORTANT and best….not just what is good for my life, but what is BEST….what is most sacred to me, and to my little life that I am in charge of…what is best for my family, for my marriage, for my body, for my business…for the very unique path that I am on…..and ALSO to hold sacred the very unique path that EVERY OTHER SOUL is on….to hold all of that SO SACRED…..

LAST YEAR, I also decided that I wanted to have ONE PERFECT YEAR….


…it ended up being a year of “SACRED NO” … and I wasn’t really expecting that, I was more expecting that I would start making better choices, saying YES more to things that are sacred to me….but what I learned, is that I didn’t really have room for anything else, and that the reason my soul was yearning for sacred, was because my whole life was too cluttered, crowded, jumbled and noisy to even be able to really hear that teenie little voice that sacred often uses to speak to us….

So, it ended up being the year of the SACRED NO.

It came along in all sorts of ways, whether I planned for them or not. The SACRED NO came to my body physically (through a horrific bout of chronic hives that has gone on for nearly 6 months now that you can read about HERE if you want to…and a crash in my adrenal system), to my mind stubbornly, to my heart spiritually. My whole soul was not going to let me get away with anything in 2012. After 41 years of being on this planet…..I finally learned to say no. (and kicking and screaming a bit, admittedly)

…because I LIKE TO SAY YES. I have mostly said YES my whole entire life to whatever showed up, and I took pride in making the very most of every single thing that ever showed up. (but, my friends, yes has gotten me into a world of trouble along the way when not treated with the sacredness that both YES and NO deserve)

HERE’S THE TRUTH……..one of the best lessons I learned last year, and honestly, one of the best lessons I have learned in my entire life…is that to be able to say YES to things that we hold most sacred, we absolutely, positively, 100% MUST SAY NO to almost everything else. Because…there just isn’t time, brain space, physical energy, OR heart to be able to say YES to stuff that is cluttering us up,stuff that hurts our souls, stuff that distracts us from our truest life,  stuff that shows up and we feel obligated to say YES to…… and then also say YES to what is most sacred to us…what is MEANT for us, we just can’t say YES to all of that stuff at the same time……because the sacred stuff really needs our focus, attention and whole heart. THE SACRED STUFF needs our best self, and in return, gifts us with THE BEST LIFE we could ever imagine, live, or utilize to serve the world in the very best ways.

So….about having a PERFECT YEAR. Last year (2012) so many incredible things happened…and so many VERY HARD, DIFFICULT and PAINFUL things happened too. I was sick for at least half of the year. I had to let people down because of it, I had to let myself down because of it. I had to redefine what it means to be “productive”, “successful” and “valuable” because I have NEVER had anything stop me from being a hard worker. I have never had such challenges with my body. (I would urge you to look into BODY RESTORATION, our online course that starts next week and only runs twice this year….THAT curriculum is how my soul got through my body challenges this last year) I looked like unrecognizable so many days and my body hurt and ached and would hardly move some days. My brain and creativity hit a stand still many days.


If you think of your favorite movie or your favorite book or your favorite story or your favorite legend…….it is kind of a perfect story, isn’t it? What makes it perfect is NOT a perfect outcome…it is not perfectly laid out plans that perfectly come to fruition…it is ALWAYS the struggle that makes it a perfect story….it is ALWAYS the overcoming, the bravery, the weakness, the mistakes, the failures, the surprises…that make it a perfect story…….

SOOOOOOO…..that being said…..2012 held all of those things in my own life. I am looking forward to 2013 being another perfect year. Perfect in it’s complete zigzaggy path, perfect in it’s struggle, perfect in it’s lessons.

I AM SAYING YES to it. I have room now, because I finally learned to say no.

Here’s to SACRED YES and SACRED NO……because the very best gift we have EVER been given is our ability to choose….so really, the most sacred words we get to say, every day for all of the days in our life are YES AND NO and they deserve at least a pause, a thought, a perfect little moment of REALLY deciding which one we will say…..

and did you know I’m leaving in ONE WEEK to go help women in the Philippines who have been rescued from human trafficking because of the power of my SACRED NO last year which opened me up for SACRED YES this year? (CLICK HERE read here to see how you can get involved in THAT awesomeness!!! You won’t want to miss it…it’s an awesome little 4 minute video that will really make your day!)

I hope you will stand in your power of SACRED YES and SACRED NO this year….it will make all the difference in the world….leaving YOU with the ability to MAKE YOUR DIFFERENCE in the world in a way that no one else can.

Sending you so much love and light and bravery and fun and JOY.



p.s. …here’s my new mantra that I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago…..and it got passed around at least 100,000 times in just 24 hours!!! I guess we can all relate to using OUR OWN YES and OUR OWN NO.  xoxox