Last week, Jess Greene came to visit us at Brave River Ranch…..she was so gracious to bring her awesome event to our sweet little town in Idaho……and we did our best to show her a good time…there’s Jess up there, working away old-school style on the back porch. We had a wonderful few days together and I got to hear the beautiful stories of her awesome adventure with her Jumpstart Creativity Tour…..make sure you look into it and follow her on her journey….support her in whatever way you can…she is a keeper for sure. Tonight she is in San Francisco area…she drives and drives and drives and then does these awesome events….so cool….

Here’s us going strong last week at our event at Rembrandts… can read about the details HERE and HERE …but we wanted to share some photos with you of the night…it was so much fun. My favorite part was typing out journaling and personalized poems for the children all night….it just filled up my happiness bucket. If you are in the area of Jess’s events…make sure you try to make it to one……














totally wonderful to finally meet so many of you who I have only gotten to know online…….great great great night.

sending you all so much love.