There’s something I have learned over and over again….especially this last year…and it is something obvious that you might already have as a true and easy to understand and implement concept…..but for me…it has taken a while:






About 2 years ago I was deep into writing the curriculum for the second SOUL RESTORTION COURSE (SR2) which is a class that is designed specifically to help you “live your truth” and life the EXACT life that YOU want to live…that you were meant to live……I didn’t realize at that time how far away many of us are from living that life, because we just sort of go on autopilot and start riding a wave that is going somewhere….then, after enough years go by, we find ourselves unhappy, unsettled….not recognizing ourselves in the mirror…waking up after a year’s long sleep thinking “how on earth did I get here?” …then, a few things can happen after we come to that “wake up” point…..we can either decide that this is the best it’s going to get and “settle” (in which case, we will definitely wake up again later…..and again…until we get the message) OR….we can wake up and say “HEY, THIS IS NOT THE LIFE I AM SUPPOSED TO BE LIVING!!!”

Maybe you are surrounded by all of the people that you love….have a wonderful family and wonderful friends……but the deepest parts of you are in some kind of freezer waiting for the day that it’s time for them to get unthawed……..maybe you are surrounded by people who just happened to come into your life because you did not plan otherwise…and they are people who are destructive to your spirit….and now you feel like life just has to be this way forever. Maybe you do what you always wanted to do right now, maybe you don’t. Maybe you started out with good intentions…had goals and had dreams….and then something happened and it derailed you………and then it was just too hard to get back on track….and years went by and you find that you are now just sort of wandering around wondering what is supposed to happen next……..maybe you have even forgotten that YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE…AND THAT YOU GET TO CHOOSE and that you are very very very worth CHOOSING THE BEST LIFE for…….and because you have forgotten that, maybe you just do what other people want you to do, tell you to do and expect you do all the time. Maybe you have forgotten that you ever even had dreams or goals or a plan for your life.

This is what I see from my bed when I wake up in the morning….every morning for the last year, the sun coming up over the mountains and then over the little pond next to the river….this is just a little part of the forest that surrounds the very private, unfancy home I now live in…the place I belong….you will understand why I am showing you this photo a bit later…

A few years ago I found myself slogging through the fast lane……and I even got pretty good at it. I knew what to do and how to do it and it helped me to survive financially…helped my family….but then one day I woke up and thought…”how on earth did I get here?” …and even though I was surrounded by so many people that I loved, and I was what the world might call “successful” ..I was not living the life that my soul was wanting to live. My soul is a slow lane person…a campfire person….a barefoot in the grass person….a paint on my hands while I strum my guitar person…..a “let’s sit and talk for a while” person….a get out in the garden and dig in the dirt person…..a private, quiet artsy person….a person who needs to be treated with kindness and patience….a person who is not truly motivated by fast lane stuff in any way…..

Yet…there I was, in the fast lane. for. years. and. years. (and years)

Well, now I live in the slow lane….in fact, I live on a little country road that it doesn’t really matter whether there is a fast or slow lane, because hardly anyone else is even on the road at the same time. THAT IS WHERE I BELONG. THIS IS WHERE I BELONG.

I had to do the hard hard hard work of figuring out what I really, truly wanted………..and it was worth it…..but it shocked me. I did the work it took to dig in and find out who I am and what I am about and what I want and what I feel like my purpose is and when all was said and done…….I just wanted to be home, making art, hanging out with kind kindreds…who are my family and friends and other people I have been blessed to meet along the slow lane road….I wanted to help others as much as I can…I wanted to write…I wanted to have a roaring fire to sit next to as often as possible, good music, and I needed…..needed…needed….just like I always have….to be with the trees…in the trees…surrounded by trees. THAT WAS IT. My soul had no desire for trophies or titles or ANY of the stuff that I had spent so many years feeling like I HAD to chase to be a successful person. My soul said….”I just want you to come and sit by the fire with me and listen…..then I want you to paint what you hear and write what you hear…and share it with others when it will help……I want you to SLOW THE HECK DOWN. I WANT YOU TO QUIET THE HECK DOWN….I want you to start living instead of running and chasing. I want you to be you. I want you to look around and see this beautiful world and to look into the eyes of the people who love you. I want you to be happy with who you are and where you are and what you are and how you are.”

Well, friend…….I am crying a bit as I type this because so many memories along the way are coming back…..and thinking about how thankful I am that I am on my right road now (and please understand that there are fast lane people who are blissed out in the fast lane…because they are MEANT to be in the fast lane! ….there are all kinds of people!! Just that EVERY person needs to figure that out and get there…..because that is what is meant for all of us!!!)

Ok…if this is making you mad, or making you cry…it is probably because there’s a part of you that is screaming inside….maybe it is saying I AM STUCK HERE AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT! HOW DARE YOU TELL ME THAT PEOPLE GET TO CHOOSE!! I AM STUCK!!!! MY DECISIONS AND OTHER’S DECISIONS HAVE GOTTEN ME TOO STUCK TO EVER GET OUT OF THIS MESS!!! (I know that line, because I honestly used to feel that way…and I truly believed I was stuck where I was…because people depended on me, because I had already gotten too far in to get out, because I would look like a fool if I suddenly stood up and said…uhhh, excuse me everyone, I think I am lost and I need to get back home….especially after I had hung out there for so long…..) Anyway….if that is you, and you are feeling all sorts of uncomfortable emotions welling up inside of you……listen to them…..I guess I am writing this for YOU. I don’t know very many people who were as stuck in the muck as I was in as messy of way as I was…so I know for sure if I can get back on the right road, you can too……maybe you are even in the slow lane and needing to get back on the fast lane! Whatever…if you are feeling stuck in the wrong place……you are meant to be in the place that is right for YOU.

PLEASE KEEP READING THIS. I promise you that there is a way to dig into yourself to get out of the wrong life you might be a little bit in…and to get on the happy road you are supposed to be on, that you are wanting to be on…that you will THRIVE on. FIRST THING THOUGH…is to figure out what you really want to do…….

AND THAT IS HARD WORK. (but once you get started….it is OH SO FUN WORK)

Sooooooooooooooooooo where am I going with this???? Well……..I just want to share with you HOW I finally got here. I want to help you get there. I started that class almost a year ago…..made a whole bunch of little goals and big goals… brave and worked at them every day (and started over when I messed up lots of times) and I have pretty much accomplished every single goal to live the life that I designed by listening to my soul and my deepest truth. I just want to help you do that…..

And…that class starts up again TOMORROW…on October 16th, 2012…and you don’t have to have ever taken any other classes from us….this one stands on it’s own…but it is soooooo worth it. I am going to post some more photos here….just random ones from the millions of things we do in the class….along with photos from the last year that show me living this amazing “just right” little life I am living…..I am going to post EVERY DAY til the class starts to tell you something that I learned and something that I worked toward and something big that I changed in my life to get to this wonderful little life I am living now. So tune in…I will be sharing lots of MY answers to the 16 pages of questions you gotta answer in this class. (how else are you gonna figure out what life is JUST RIGHT for you??) CLICK HERE to learn more about the class

All in all……I am going to shamelessly keep trying to talk you into taking this class with me starting tomorrow….because I know it will change your life…it has changed the lives of thousands of women all over the world…I have met them, heard from them, talked to them, read their letters…….this stuff works. IT IS NOT EASY…because you have to dig deep to find the answers…but just imagine what it would be like to feel like you are living the life you want to really be living…..(and I think you will find that the life you want is pretty much right in front of your face for the most part….you just have not been seeing it….)

Ok….that’s enough. I know it’s so corny for me to say that I love you….but I really really really do. Part of the life I want to live is doing Brave Girls Club….and the reason I want to do it, is because I really really truly do love you all and want the best for you, want you to be happy, and want you to live your potential……and you all have ENORMOUS potential…and life can be so so soooo good. I want that for you.



COME ON…DO THIS WITH US!!!!!  CLICK HERE to learn more Here’s a video about the class too….

Would sure love to have you along…you will LOVE IT….this class is a complete blast and will make your life so happy!!