Dear Ready Girl,

Sometimes we think that all we need is to be able to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense for us. We need to make sense of why something happened or why someone left or why something wonderful ended.

Not everything is going to make sense…in fact, some things will never make sense, ever…and we just have to move on. Sometimes we don’t get closure on things we needed closure on…so we have to create the closure by saying goodbye to what we DID know, and let the rest just go.

Something wonderful we can do is to list out everything good about the thing that doesn’t make sense anymore…we can list everything we appreciated and loved about it…to kind of honor it and to take the sting away…then we can privately honor it and then just LET IT GO.

When we clasp our hands around things, waiting to let go until they make sense, our hands are too full and can not be open to the things that are waiting for us.

You are ready to do this, beautiful friend. It is time.

You are so very loved.


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