Hundreds and Hundreds of you have already signed up for our SOUL RESTORATION workshop starting in January….but lots of you lovelies WANT to do it but are worried about being an artist…make sure you watch this video if you are having those feelings…..

Wanted to make sure everyone has seen this great video explaining SOUL RESTORATION…lots more videos coming soon!!!

And did you know that THIS POST from last week has been spread all over the world and has been viewed over 20,000 times in the last week? Make sure you read it if you have not…it’s a good one….it will even be printed in a few magazines across the world!!!!!

And THIS sweet and amazing post from some of our favorite friends talking about how they feel about what we are doing… WOW!!!

BRAVE GIRLS CLUB is growing by the thousands daily!!!! We are so happy to have you all here!!!!!
Come back soon!


Hope you are making beautiful things…….making something somewhere….creating is good for the soul!